4.14 ct. Crystal Opal, Peridot, Pink Spinel, Tsavorite 14k Gold Cocktail Ring

SKU O-044-F
A beautiful, prismatic, 4.14 carat opal is central to this fun 14k yellow gold cocktail ring set with peridots, pink spinels and tsavorite garnets. Each of the gemstones chosen for this ring highlight this opal's fine play-of-color, making this ring a party of colors! This one-of-a-kind ring was originally designed by Andrew Sarosi, who was one of the first gemstone dealers to design jewelry using several different colored gems in one ring. The pink spinels in this ring are both beautiful princess cuts channel set into the band and rounds alternating with bright tsavorite garnets in the outer halo. This is a design that helped spark a new trend in gemstone jewelry!

Peridots, .63 carat total
Pink spinel princess cuts, .80 carat total
Pink spinel rounds .46 carat total
Tsavorite garnets, .58 carat total
Ring size 8.5
Complimentary sizing as needed