4.18 Carat Unheated Natural Blue Sapphire Pear, Loose Gemstone, GIA Certified

This 4.18 carat, unheated blue sapphire will make an absolutely breathtaking pendant or ring! The vast majority of sapphires available have been heated to bring out their prettiest colors, so a fine sapphire that is certified "unheated" is rare and particularly valuable. This gorgeous pear shape has beautifully vibrant blue color and exceptional brilliance and life! It is from Madagascar, where some of the prettiest crystalline, rich blue sapphires are mined. Such a brilliant, lively gem and so well-proportioned, it will lend itself to endless design possibilities! We offer complimentary design consultations and would love to help create the perfect piece of custom-made jewelry just for you! Accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Origin Report #1146858711, this is a truly exceptional gem!

Blue sapphire measures 11.35 x 8.14 x 6.05mm
Natural inclusions appear magnified by photography.