GIA Certified 4.53 Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond 3-Stone Ring in Platinum

SKU S-209

A stunning 4.53 carat cushion shape blue sapphire with exquisite "royal blue" color is set with two spectacular diamonds in this handmade platinum 3-stone engagement ring. Gemstones like this are in a class by themselves. With its deep blue color, exceptional clarity and excellent proportions, sapphires of this caliber are rare and highly sought after, even by gem dealers. This cushion measures 9.17 x 8.68 x 6.39mm is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Origin Report #2205170372 which states this gem's origin as Madagascar and classifies this color as "royal blue." Madagascar emerged in the last century as a new and important source of fine gemstones, allowing sapphire lovers to breathe a sigh of relief as gems from the older sources of Kashmir and Burma became nearly impossible to acquire. Even with the new source, however, fine gem blue sapphires are still rare, highly prized and highly valued. We have set this beauty in platinum with two "shield" shaped diamonds of exceptional quality. They are F-G in color with VS2 clarity and a combined weight of .48 carats. When you own a world-class sapphire ring such as this, it somehow defines who you are and reminds you to treat yourself kindly. It's a ring everyone remembers and that you will love and cherish forever!

Ring size 6.5

Complimentary sizing as needed