5.24 Carat Cushion Spessartite Mandarin Garnet Loose Unset Ring Pendant Gemstone

SKU 5.24 Carat Cushion Spessartite Mandarin Garnet
Few people know that garnets occur naturally in every color but blue. One such color is the spessartite garnet variety, prized by collectors because of its rich orange hues and exceptional luster. The finest color of spessartite is called "Mandarin," which has gorgeous pure orange color, the color of the Mandarin orange fruit! This cushion-cut Mandarin garnet weighs 5.24 carats, has bright orange color and measures 10.79 x 8.30 x 5.45mm. With such a nice shape, it can be easily oriented to sit horizontally or vertically and would make a beautiful ring or pendant! While it has slightly eye -visible natural inclusions, color, cut, and weight are the primary factors affecting value in colored gemstones, as long as inclusions do not detract from the beauty of the gem. This Mandarin garnet has gorgeous color and is a beautifully bright gemstone! Fine spessartite garnets over 4 carats are also exceedingly rare. We specialize in custom designs and would love to create a one-of-a-kind special piece just for you!

Natural inclusions and internal characteristics are magnified by photography. The inclusions in this gemstone are slightly eye visible.