5.24 Ct. Cat’s Eye Alexandrite Chrysoberyl Gemstone, GIA Certified

SKU 5.24 Alexandrite

There are cat’s eye chrysoberyls and alexandrite chrysoberyls. Both are highly desirable and rare. A gem-quality chrysoberyl that exhibits both phenomena is a collector’s dream! This captivating 5.24 carat cat’s eye alexandrite is a rich, bluish teal green in day/fluorescent light, with a spectacular and near complete color change to grayish purple in incandescent light. The eye is bright bluish white, straight, centered, complete, and shines with bright, bluish white clarity. While non-alexandrite cat’s eye chrysoberyls often display a “milk and honey” effect, this cat’s eye alexandrite with its gorgeous teal hue and extraordinary clarity exhibits a luminous “grape and blackberry” effect. Superior translucence and double cabochon cut bring depth and dimension to the gem’s chatoyancy. It is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #2151151294 and measures 11.08 x 8.04 x6.45 millimeters. This would make a stunning custom-designed piece. We can’t say enough about this phenomenal gem!

Custom designs available. Please send us a message to schedule a complimentary design session.

5.24 ct