5 Carat Purple Pink Sapphire, Loose Gemstone, GIA Certified

SKU 5.00 Carat Purple-Pink Sapphire

This vivid, purple pink sapphire has everything you could want in a fine gem: intense color, a spectacular cut, and excellent clarity in 5 stunning carats! It is well-proportioned and exceptionally clean, with superior brilliance and life. Weighing exactly 5 carats and measuring 9.58 x 8.11 x 6.99 millimeters, the depth of this beautiful gem draws you in to admire its perfect balance of rich purple and pink hues. This extremely bright gem is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #2151205108 and appears more vibrant pink or purple depending on the light source. You'll cherish this stone forever. Let us help design the perfect ring or pendant - just for you!

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