6.13 Carat Apple Green Peridot Oval Pair, Unset Loose Drop Earring Gemstones

SKU 6.13 Carat Apple Green Peridot
This pair of beautiful oval peridots is exceptionally brilliant and full of life! Measuring 10.00 x 8.00 millimeters, they are calibrated in size, meaning they can be set in "standard" mountings and would not require custom-made settings. With such ideal apple green color, however, you just may want to set them in an extra-special pair or earrings, or even set them as individual pendants - one for yourself, one for a daughter, perhaps? The stones have very good clarity and a combined weight of 6.13 carats total. So many options and such pretty gems!

Custom designs available. We have a large collection of unmounted peridots in our inventory. Please inquire for details.