6.25 Carat Red Orange Zircon Pear Unset Loose Pendant Necklace Enhancer Gemstone

SKU 6.25 Carat Red Orange Zircon
This lovely pear shaped zircon is perfectly shaped and has a strong, reddish orange color. Zircon is more commonly recognized for its bright blue shades, but this December birthstone occurs in a rainbow of colors, including rich earth tones. Prized by colored stone dealers and collectors because of its range of hues, brilliance and fire, zircon is a perfect gemstone for someone who wants something out off the ordinary. This pretty gem measures 12.29 x 9.64 x 5.79 millimeters and weighs 6.25 carats, larger than most zircons seen outside of gem trade shows. It has exceptional clarity and is a beautifully brilliant and lively gem. Quality jewelry begins with quality gems!

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