6.76 Carat Color Change Sapphire Cushion GIA Unset 3-Stone Ring Pendant Gemstone

SKU 6.76 Carat Color Change Madagascar Sapphire
This 6.76 carat color change sapphire is very rare due to its size, superior quality, and ability to "change" color under different lighting conditions! It possesses a gorgeous, rich, bluish lavender color in fluorescent/daylight, then "changes" to a royal purple with pink flashes in incandescent light. This gem has a vivid, intense color, with excellent saturation and even coloring. It is cushion-shaped, measures 11.24 x 10.86 x 5.95 millimeters and is accompanied by GIA Report #1156421392. This well-proportioned sapphire has an excellent cut and superior clarity, a large face-up appearance, and exceptional brilliance. A rare and remarkable stone for a rare and remarkable person!

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Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may be magnified by photography.