651 Carat Round Faceted Checkerboard Amethyst, Collector Gemstone Display Piece

SKU 651 Carat Round Faceted Checkerboard Amethyst
This is a perfect gift for the person who has everything! This stunningly beautiful, round amethyst gemstone weighs a whopping 651 carats and would make a breathtakingly impressive desk accessory. The top of the gemstone, aka the "crown," has been faceted as a "checkerboard" that gives this jewel exceptionally brilliant sparkle and life! An executive paperweight for sure!

Amethyst measures 2-3/16" in diameter by 1-11/16" in depth. It weighs 651 carats, or 130.2 grams (4.59 oz.) Please feel free to inquire about the gemstones shown in the additional photographs.

$100 bill not included
Each gemstone is sold separately