7.16 Carat Precious Topaz Oval, Unset Loose 3-Stone Ring, Pendant Necklace Gem

SKU 7.16 Carat Precious Topaz Oval
This beautiful precious topaz has brilliant apricot-orange color and exceptional clarity! Measuring 13.43 x 9.40 x 7.08 millimeters, this beautifully well-proportioned oval is extremely well-cut and a versatile shape that will lend itself to a variety of beautiful designs. The range of colors exhibited in this gemstone make it easy to see why this color has been termed, "Imperial," with its rich, sparkling tones and endless life. A real treasure!

Custom designs available. Please send us a message to schedule a complimentary design session.
We have a large selection of unmounted precious topazes in our inventory. Please inquire for details.