7.49 Carat Rose Zircon Oval Unset Loose 3-Stone Engagement Ring Pendant Gemstone

SKU 7.49 Carat Rose Zircon Oval Unset Loose Stone
This pretty rose zircon is a perfectly symmetrical oval and has a beautiful medium reddish pink color. While zircon is widely recognized for its lovely blue shades, this December birthstone actually occurs in a rainbow of colors and has been prized for decades by colored stone dealers and collectors because of its range of hues, brilliance and fire. This particular gem is unusually well-cut and originates from Sri Lanka, a major source of gem quality zircon. Weighing 7.49 carats and measuring 12.58 x 9.67 x 6.51 millimeters, it is a sizeable gemstone, suitable for a ring or pendant. Fine quality rose zircon with such excellent clarity and graceful proportions is rare in this size. This is a "rose" anyone would be thrilled to accept!

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