7.84 ct. Red Spinel Unheated Round GIA, Unset 3-Stone Engagement Ring Gem

SKU LU75036646711

This unusually large, richly colored red spinel weighs 7.84 carats and is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report #6204170143 stating that it is unheated. Measuring 12.98 x 13.16 x 6.44 millimeters, it is a near perfect round which is unusual for spinel of this size. The round shape opens up design possibilities for both rings and pendants. A classic and historically significant gemstone just waiting to be made into a timeless piece of heirloom jewelry!
Custom designs available. Please send us a message to schedule a complimentary design session.
Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.
We have a large selection of loose fancy colored spinels in our inventory. Please inquire for details.

7.84 ct

Width: 0.52 in. (13 mm)
Depth: 0.26 in. (6.44 mm)
Length: 0.52 in. (13 mm)