8.70 Carat Oval Blue Flash Moonstone, Yellow Gold, Palladium Dome Ring

SKU MX-124

This pretty ring features a large oval moonstone weighing 8.70 carats with beautiful adularescence. Adularescence, or "billowy light effect" is the optical phenomenon that occurs in moonstone as light reflects off atomic layers inside the gemstone's crystalline structure. The glowing luster that results has the appearance of moonlight floating on water. Fine quality moonstones, especially those that exhibit a "blue flash" such as the one in this ring are rare. This moonstone is an impressive size, set in a streamlined 18k yellow gold design that showcases its captivating and luminescent beauty. The band is decorated with palladium beads for a modern and stylish look that will complement any outfit!

Ring size 6.75

Complimentary sizing as needed

Moonstone, 13.74 x 11.40mm, 8.70 carats