8.94 Carat Round Green Zircon Enhancer Pendant in 18k Yellow Gold

SKU NCK-1328

This stunning enhancer pendant features a gorgeous, 8.94 carat round green zircon, set in a custom-designed, hand engraved 18k yellow gold bezel. Zircon is December's birthstone and comes in a rainbow of beautiful color. This green zircon is of rare, fine quality both due to its size, color and clarity. An extremely brilliant gemstone, zircon is prized by gem connoisseurs and collectors alike. This gem is set in a handmade 18k yellow gold bezel that has been hand engraved all around in an exquisite display of high-level craftsmanship and design. The pendant is signed, "Sarosi 750" on the back, and the hinged bail allows this pendant to be worn over beads, pearls, and chains! It measures approximately 5.8" in diameter and is shown on a 17", 18k yellow gold chain, which is sold separately. Refined and elegant, handcrafted by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, this pendant is a beautiful signature piece that can be worn everyday and on special occasions alike!

Zircon, 12.18 x 11.72mm, 8.94 carats