9.75 Carat Orange Brown Zircon Triangle Unset Pendant Necklace Enhancer Gemstone

SKU 9.75 Carat Orange Brown Zircon
This rich, cognac colored zircon has been faceted into a unique triangle shape that exhibits stunning life and brilliance! While zircon is more commonly recognized as the bright blue December birthstone, this gem occurs in a rainbow of colors, including warm oranges and coffee browns. This zircon exhibits several colors at once, due to the quality of the stone itself, as well as its excellent cut and proportions. An extremely vibrant gem, this zircon also has exceptional clarity. Zircon has always been prized by gemstone dealers and avid collectors. Thanks to 21st century technology, information on rare gems is now more accessible than ever and consumers are learning what tremendous variety nature provides us. This unique gem measures 12.15 x 12.11 x 11.83 millimeters (as though measuring the height of a triangle in geometry), with a depth of 7.47 millimeters. Quality jewelry begins with quality gems!

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