91.81 Carat Designer Cut Bi-Color Watermelon Tourmaline Loose Collector Gemstone

SKU 91.81 Carat Designer Cut Bi-Color Watermelon Tourmaline
This expertly facetted multi-colored tourmaline is a veritable party of optical effects! At first glance, this gorgeous gemstone displays bright reddish pink on one end and rich, vibrant green on the other. But depending on the light, a band of sunshine yellow is clearly apparent between the two main colors. And as the stone is rocked back and forth, you can see the shades of the rainbow. This gemstone has exceptional clarity and color, which is why is was chosen to be custom facetted with a masterful design of waves and curves that help the light beams dance as they enter the stone. This is a supreme example of gem cutting artistry and skill. This tourmaline would look stunning on display and a gemstone collector will discover endless ways to appreciate the originality of this stone. We can also help design a spectacular piece of jewelry for this gem. This top quality tourmaline is brilliant, full of gorgeous color and life and a true original - a very fine collector gem!