Amethyst and Citrine Emerald-Cut, Yellow Gold Three-Stone Cocktail Ring

SKU A-107
This pretty 3-stone cocktail ring features emerald-cut amethyst paired with intense citrine to show off two beautiful colors of the same gem mineral! The amethyst is a beautiful, royal purple color and the citrine are fine "madeira" variety, aptly named after Madeira wine because of its warm, rich hue. Set in 18k yellow gold, these two gems show why purple and gold are such a classic and ever-popular color combination - even nature thought so!

Ring size 6.5
Complimentary ring sizing as needed
Amethyst, 12.00 x 10.00mm, 5.38 carats
Emerald cut Citrine, 8.00 x 6.00mm, 3.49 carats total