Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gambling Counter Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

SKU NCK-1160
This pretty necklace features a fine-quality, antique mother-of-pearl gambling counter set in 14k yellow gold with diamonds. Gaming counters or "chips" such as this were originally hand-carved in China during the 18th century for export to Britain, where they were used the way we use poker chips. This round chip has been intricately engraved with a scene depicting life in Ancient China, and is set in 14k yellow gold. The frame surrounding the chip has a high-polished bezel and a textured rope frame, creating a beautiful combination of textures. 4 brilliant-cut round accent diamonds add lovely contrast and just a hint of eye-catching sparkle! Handcrafted by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, this is a historical and wonderfully wearable work of art!