Antique Mother-of-Pearl Gaming Counter Pendant with Amethyst and Citrine

SKU NCK-1221
This stunning pendant features a beautifully fretted antique mother-of-pearl gambling counter set in precious 18k yellow gold with rich purple amethyst cabochons and brilliant Madeira colored citrines. Gambling counters, or gaming chips as they were also called, were originally hand-carved in China for export to Britain where they were used the way we use poker chips. Intricately carved with a scene depicting life in ancient China, this particular piece also features gorgeous ornamental openwork bordering the scene in the middle. It has been set against a bright 18k yellow gold frame whose design echos the mother-of-pearl border. Bright purple amethyst cabochons and warm Madeira citrines accent each of the 4 sides, adding bright pops of color to this luxurious pendant. A lovely conversation piece with historical significance, this pendant was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles. Chain sold separately.

Pendant measures 2.50 inches in width, 2.75 inches in length, including the length of the bail