Double Strand 6mm Pearl, Mother of Pearl Gaming Counter, Yellow Gold Necklace

This elegant "Y" necklace features a beautifully hand-carved, mother-of-pearl antique gaming counter framed in 18k yellow gold and suspended from a double strand of luxurious white pearls.
Gaming counters were carved in China for export to Britain during the late 1700's-early 1800's and used by the British in the same way Americans use poker chips. Each gaming counter is unique and was traditionally carved with Chinese motifs depicting nature or life in ancient China. This particular gaming counter has an intricate open design carved around its edge and measures 44 x 32mm (approximately 1.75 x 1.25 in). The scalloped edge of the 18k yellow gold frame echos the delicate outline of the gaming counter and creates an eye-catching white-and-gold color combination, along with a lively contrast of texture and finish! The double strand of 6mm pearls measures 30 inches in length with the gaming counter suspended approximately 10 inches down from the 18k yellow gold clasp. A feminine, refined "statement" necklace. A real conversation piece!