Faceted Emerald Slice and Rainbow Moonstone Dangle Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold

SKU EA-1556

These beautifully dramatic and stylish earrings feature faceted emerald slices paired with rainbow moonstones set in 18k yellow gold! The emeralds are free-form in shape with luscious green body color variegated with natural black veining that give these gems a unique appearance and stunning beauty. We have set the emeralds in 18k yellow gold, custom-made bezels and paired them with rainbow moonstones. Rainbow moonstones have lovely multi-colored "adularescence," which refers to the shimmery visual effect these gems possess, often compared to the way moonlight reflects on water. These eye-catching earrings are perfect for both contemporary daytime wear and elegant evening wear! Earrings measure 1-3/4" long and come with extra large 18k yellow gold "monster backs" for added luxury, stability and comfort. Handmade by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, these beauties are one-of-a-kind, fun, and versatile! 

Emeralds, 15.86 carats
Moonstones, 7.00mm 2.32 carats