GIA 76.22 Carat Aquamarine Pear Shape, Unset Loose Pendant Collector Gemstone

SKU 76.22 Carat Aquamarine Pear Shape

This elongated pear shaped aquamarine weighs 76.22 carats and has a beautiful medium blue color! Measuring 46.50 x 22.30 x 14.50 millimeters, this huge gem is well cut with excellent proportions and symmetry, exceptional clarity and superior luster. It is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Report # 1156151254. The perfect gift for a gem collector, especially one born in March!

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76.22 ct

Width: 0.88 in. (22.30 mm)
Depth: 0.58 in. (14.50 mm)
Length: 1.84 in. (46.50 mm)