GIA 79.78 Carat Golden Olive Tourmaline Oval, Loose Pendant Collector Gemstone

SKU 79.78 Carat Golden Olive Tourmaline Oval

This large, 79.78 carat oval tourmaline displays a gorgeous blend of fall colors including olive, golden yellows, and coffee browns. It measures 30.00 x 26.70 x 16.00 millimeters and is beautifully proportioned with an even shape and symmetrical outline. This gem has exceptional clarity and brilliance that show off its exciting blend of warm colors! Accompanied by GIA Report #2151151303, this is a large, attention-getting gemstone that will turn heads as the focal point of any gem collection or important piece of jewelry.

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79.78 ct

Width: 1.06 in. (26.70 mm)
Depth: 0.63 in. (16.00 mm)
Length: 1.19 in. (30.00 mm)