Loose 10.90 Carat Parti-Color Purple Pink Tourmaline Unset Ring or Pendant Gem

SKU 10.90 Carat Parti-Color Purple Pink Tourmaline
Tourmaline occurs in all colors of the rainbow, but purple tourmaline is quite unusual, especially in clean medium purple hues. This crystalline parti-color purple and pink tourmaline emerald-cut exhibits a beautiful ombre effect of colors, gracefully blending lilac purple into lavender, lavender into light pink and finally light pink into strong pink. Measuring 14.20 x 10.18 x 8.03 millimeters and weighing 10.90 carats, it is an ideal size for a ring or pendant. A bright and lively gemstone with such an unusual coloring!

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Pink tourmaline is often identified by its natural inclusions. Internal characteristics appear magnified by photography.