33.40 Carat Bi-Color Tourmaline, Loose Gemstone

SKU 33.40 Carat Bi-Color Tourmaline Oval
This exceptionally clean and brilliant oval facetted bi-colored tourmaline actually displays more than two gorgeous colors! It begins with a strong peachy pink on one end, gradually becoming more of a pure peach hue before transitioning toward yellow, green, and again to peachy pink on the opposite end. This is a vibrant gemstone with extraordinary clarity and brilliance. With superior facetting and proportions, this gem displays endless life and sparkle! It measures 22.54 x 16.37 x 12.50 millimeters and weighs 33.40 carats, making it a stunning collector stone or perfect for an impressive piece of jewelry! A parti-colored tourmaline and true vision of beauty. Time to celebrate!