Spessartite Mandarin Garnet, 4.50 Carats

SKU 4.50 Carat Pear Shape Garnet Gem
This 4.50 carat pear-shaped spessartite garnet is absolutely spectacular and will make a stunning ring or pendant! Spessartite is a variety of January's birthstone that, while unfamiliar to many, is highly prized by gemstone collectors. The finest spessartite are called "Mandarin garnets," because of their wonderful, pure orange color. This pear-shaped beauty measures 11.94 x 8.44mm and is perfectly proportioned with gorgeous color concentration on the ends and sparkling, almost neon peachy highlights throughout. This is an extremely brilliant gem with amazing color and life! A real stand-out gemstone that will make an exquisite pendant or ring. We specialize in custom designs and would love to create a one-of-a-kind piece just for you! This is a real head-turner!!