Opal, Tsavorite Garnet, Pink Spinel, Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold Dangle Earrings

SKU EA-1455
18k yellow gold
These gorgeous dangle earrings feature a rainbow of colorful gemstones including Australian opals, African garnets, pink spinel and blue sapphires! The opals have beautiful play-of-color, exhibiting greens, lavenders, orange, yellow, blue and red. Framing the opals is a lovely arrangement of precious gemstones, each unusual and special in its own right, but together, the combination is just spectacular! Sparkling pink spinels, glistening Tsavorite garnets and luscious blue sapphire cabochons make these dangling opal earrings dance! So elegant and fun, these colors are a happy way to update and brighten up your wardrobe and your day!

Earrings measure approximately 7/8" in diameter by 1" in length
2 oval Australian opals, 11.73 x 8.14mm, 6.11 carats total
2 round tsavorite garnets, .23 carats total
8 oval tsavorite garnets, 1.00 carats total
8 oval blue sapphire cabochons, 3.58 carats total
16 round pink spinel, .71 carats total