Pink Spinel and Green Tourmaline Yellow Rose Gold Tennis Link Bracelet

SKU BR-233
If you love the fun combination of pink and green, this bracelet was meant for you! We have set over 15 carats of gem pink spinel in one bracelet for a luxurious and stunning collection of jewels. These oval spinels are gorgeous, almost electric "holiday" pink, with endless sparkle and life due to their clarity and exceptional brilliance for which spinel is prized. We have set these jewels in 18k rose gold to highlight their spectacular color, alternating with green tourmalines set in 18k yellow gold. The green tourmalines are emerald cut, with bright, rich basil green color that complements the pink spinels beautifully. This combination of colors, shapes, and gold is like a visual celebration of the beauty found in nature. With a hidden safety for extra security, this bracelet was handcrafted by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles. Everyday feels like a holiday when you wear this bracelet!

Bracelet measures 7 inches long
30 oval pink spinels, 5.50 x 4.00mm, 15.90 carats total
15 emerald cut green tourmalines, 5.00 x 3.5mm, 7.56 carats total