Privately Curated Zircon Collection, Unset Loose Gemstones, 346.31 Carat Total

SKU Andrew's Zircon Collection
This is a rare opportunity to acquire the collections of a true connoisseur of fine gemstones.
These curated collections are the culmination of decades spent experiencing the marketplace and evaluating countless gems. They represent the variety of colors and shapes that each gem family possesses, and each gemstone makes its own unique contribution to the whole.

Andrew Sarosi was one of the founders of the American Gem Trade Association and a gem of a human being! He had a lifelong love of gemstones, and while Andrew enjoyed designing jewelry and sharing his artistic vision, he was also a private collector of gems. He felt that gemstones “please the eye and delight the senses,” while providing a good store of value.

“No, this one isn’t for sale,” he would say on occasion, “I bought it because I want to enjoy it,”
and it would go back into a special box, much to the disappointment of interested buyers, and his accountant who wanted to pay bills! To Andrew, each gemstone was like a child; there was something special about each one that made it into the collections he kept for himself.

Now Andrew’s personal collections are for sale. Each set of gemstones displays the magic of nature’s beauty, viewed through the eyes of a seasoned collector. Each collection is sold as a set. More details are available upon request.

Zircon is the birthstone for December and would make the ultimate gift for the December born!
Collection includes 16 gemstones, weighing 346.31 carats total.
Individual gems weigh from 10.17 carats to 37.49 carats.
Colors include bright saffron yellow, saturated green, rose, whiskey, butterscotch and intense blues. Characteristic doubling and extraordinary dispersion are visible in many of the gems. Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.