Spessartite and Red Garnet Tennis Bracelet, 54.87 Carats Total in 18K Yellow Gold

SKU BR-278
This stunning tennis-type bracelet features over 54 carats of beautiful garnets set in 18k yellow gold! Rich red garnets are paired with fiery orange spessartite garnets in alternating blocks of color and size. This combination creates a bold, modern, look with a timeless feel. This bracelet is particularly unusual because each stone is of a size that would usually be used as a center stone in a ring! Handmade in 18k yellow gold by our Master Jewelers in Los Angeles, this “big girl” bracelet has a hidden safety latch for added security. If you love a look that is both dramatic and sophisticated, this bracelet is for you!

Bracelet measures 7 inches in length
10 round red garnets, 10.00mm, 41.42 carats total
10 round orange spessartite garnets, 6.50mm, 13.45 carats total