Turquoise, Chrome Diopside and Chrysoprase Necklace, 21 Inches

SKU NCK-1288
Beautiful greenish blue turquoise is paired with bright chrome diopside and elegant chrysoprase in this pretty necklace that is perfect for all seasons! The 8mm round turquoise has lovely color and subtle veining that gives each bead its own character and beauty. Translucent chrysoprase in shades of tranquil blues and greens complement the softer colors of the turquoise, while bright emerald-hued chrome diopside accentuate the green tones and add eye-catching pops of color. 14k yellow gold accent beads allow this strand to be worn with casual or dressier attire! Wear this necklace with lighter colors in the spring and summer, and with bolder colors in the cooler months. This necklace measures 21 inches and is shown with a matching shorter strand (NCK-1287, 18 inches long), which is sold separately. Finished with a pretty 14k yellow gold clasp. So versatile!