Unheated 1.39 Carat Burmese Pink Sapphire GIA, Unset 3-Stone Engagement Ring Gem

SKU 1.39 Carat Unheated Burmese Pink Sapphire
This 1.39 carat vivid pink sapphire is magnificent! It is an unheated, perfectly symmetrical oval from Myanmar (formerly Burma), the historic source of some of the world’s finest sapphires. With an electric, hot pink hue and an exceptional cut providing maximum light return, this sapphire has pedigree, gorgeous natural color and endless sparkle. It measures 6.89 x 5.61 x 4.35 millimeters and is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Origin Report #1156734636. Petite but spectacular, this sapphire would make a breathtaking 3-stone ring or pendant. We can help you custom-design the perfect piece of jewelry!

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