Unheated 44.36 ct. Yellow Sapphire Pear, GIA, Pendant, Enhancer, Collector Gem

SKU 44.36 Carats Yellow Sapphire

This vivid and crystalline, lemon yellow sapphire is a museum-quality stone! Most yellow sapphires are very light in color and undergo heat treatment to induce stronger hues. Unheated, clean yellow sapphires of this exceptional size are rarely encountered in nature; a large crystal with such pure color, excellent saturation and high clarity is especially so. This 44.36 carat yellow sapphire measures 24.24 x 16.60 x 13.62 millimeters and is a beautiful and well-proportioned pear shape. It was masterfully cut to unlock its spectacular canary yellow color and maximum brilliance. The accompanying Gemological Institute of America Report #2141858703 states that this unheated gemstone is from Sri Lanka, one of the most historically renowned sources for sapphires. A magnificent and world-class gem!

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Note: Internal characteristics and natural inclusions may appear magnified by photography.

44.36 ct

Width: 0.66 in. (16.60 mm)
Depth: 0.54 in. (13.62 mm)
Length: 0.96 in. (24.24 mm)