Unheated 5.73 Carat Pink Sapphire 'GIA' Diamond, Gold Engagement Cocktail Ring

This dazzling cocktail ring features a spectacular pink sapphire with all the pedigrees one could ask for in a fine collector gemstone! Accompanied by a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Origin Report, this pink sapphire is certified unheated, which is an extremely rare find for large pink sapphires that are as intensely colored and vivid pink as this 5.73 carat beauty. The origin has been stated as Madagascar, one of the most exciting and prolific gem sources to be discovered in recent history. This gem is also especially notable for its excellent cut and proportions, allowing it to appear larger than other sapphires of similar weight, since it does not have a heavy pavilion, or bottom portion, which is so often characteristic of highly saturated natural colored sapphires.

This ring was commissioned by one of our finest Master Jewelers, who set this important sapphire in an original, one-of-a-kind, 18k white and yellow gold ring designed to showcase this phenomenal gem. The sapphire is set in rich 18k yellow gold prongs and framed by a brilliant halo of sparkling white diamonds that have been pave set in 18k white gold. Elegant, diamond studded open horseshoe curves form the sides, creating a ring that is not only beautiful from the side, but extremely comfortable to wear. The open design of the setting for the sapphire allows an unobstructed view of this exquisitely well cut gem, adding dimension and style without extra weight. This is a very refined, sophisticated ring that showcases its' world-class stone beautifully. If you love the color pink, are a collector of fine gems, and have been searching for the timeless beauty of a "forever sapphire," this exquisite handmade ring is for you!

Ring size 6.75
Complimentary sizing as needed
Pink Sapphire, 5.73 carats
Diamonds, .83 carats